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75th Edition - GARDENS

The 2014 Prairie Garden proudly celebrates its 75th Edition featuring 'Gardens'. Tailored to the exacting demands of our northern climate, this once-a-year publication written by and for Prairie gardeners has sold tens of thousands of copies since 1937.  The Prairie Garden’s  2014 release, ‘Gardens’, is sure to become a collector's edition.  

Articles are written by knowledgeable contributors including horticulturalists, plant breeders, researchers and gardening enthusiasts.  Beautiful full-colour photographs are featured throughout. Have a Look inside.

What is a Garden by Linda Pearn & Jeannie Gilbert

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a garden as: 1. a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers or vegetables are cultivated; 2. a public recreation area or park usually ornamented with plants and trees.

Lavender and Roses at Abbey Gardens

Other descriptors include the concepts of an area of land with planned use and one that is defined in space, or enclosed. Indeed, the origin of the word ‘garden’ refers to enclosure (Middle English ‘gardin’ derived from Old High German ‘gard’ or ‘gart’, meaning enclosure or compound, as in the German city Stuttgart.) In British English, the garden refers to an enclosed area of land usually adjoining a building. This describes all aspects of the space, the flower beds, lawns, trees, ponds, vegetable gardens, etc. In North American English the space around the house is referred to as the yard, while the garden is usually the area planted to flowers and vegetables. (more)

Have a Look inside.

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The Prairie Garden is a digest sized, soft-covered book published annually by a volunteer committee since 1956 and is dedicated to the advancement of horticulture in the Prairie Provinces.

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The 2015 Prairie Garden's dual-theme will be Succulents and Grasses

The 2014 Prairie Garden has been on McNally Robinson's Best-Sellers List.

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The 2013 Award for Excellence was awarded
to Dale Herman
of Fargo, ND.

The Prairie Garden presents an annual  $1,000 cash award to an individual or group making a significant contribution to horticulture on the Northern Great Plains.
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Peonies in the Prairies
by John Davidson

Floral Artistry
for Beginners

A beginners guide
to the art of
flower arrangement



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