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The Prairie Garden
Index by Subject

This comprehensive index covers all articles published in The Prairie Garden since it began in 1937.  Searchable by subject, it is organized by more than 30 subject categories and numerous subcategories. The Prairie Garden index lists article titles for each category, along with the author, year, and page number. The index is also searchable by keywords like “tulip” or author names like “Frank L. Skinner.”

Gardening enthusiasts can use The Prairie Garden index to discover topics of interest or track down articles you cannot locate in your collection.


Researchers can use it to search the complete collection of The Prairie Garden and its predecessors:

  • The Winnipeg Flower Garden (1937–1954) and The Flower Garden (1955–1956) held at the Manitoba Legislative Library,

  • editions from 1937–2014 held at the University of Manitoba Science and Technology Library, and 

  • online versions from 1937 to 1980 available at the Manitoba Historical Society website.


Most editions of The Prairie Garden from the past 25 years are also available for purchase on our website.

Using the index

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the index. To search the document, press Ctrl-F and enter your search term in the box.

Collector's Edition Check List

A digital form that lists every published edition of The Prairie Garden from 1937 to the present.

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